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         ◇ Sodium acetate trihydrate
      English name: Sodium acetate trihydrate
      Cas No: 6131-90-4
      Molecular weight: 58~60%
      State: Colorless and transparent...
         ◇ Sodium acetate anhydrous
      English name: Sodium acetate anhydrous
      Cas No: 127-09-3
      Molecular weight: 99%
      State: White powder
      Add: Nanhu Farm, Xinzhuang Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu, China
      Contact: Chen Haoxin
      Mobile: (+86-)13806232842
      Tel: +86-512-52443018
      Fax: +86-512-52443038
      Shao Liyu: (+86-)13812805688
      E-mail: chx@csnhchem.com

        Founded in 1991, Changshu Nanhu Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in the developed Yangtze River Delta Region, where enjoys convenient water and land transportation. We insist on the enterprise tenet of 'first-class management, first-class production, first-class quality, first-class service', regard market demand as orientation, technology as support. Based on modern management, we strive to increase safety and environmental production level, to promote sustainable development of the enterprise, and to promote harmony between man and nature.

        We can produce sodium acetate trihydrate (5500 tons/year), sodium acetate anhydrous(1800 tons/year), which are widely used in pharmaceutical intermediate, pesticide, sewage treatment, rubber, pigment, leather, electroplating, dyeing and printing and other fields.

        We can offer the enterprises and customers the best qualities and the most competitive prices. Our products are sold well in the majority parts of China, as well as in EU, the U.S., Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Pakistan, Japan and other countries. We have established long-term strategic cooperation relations with many well-known enterprises and clients at home and abroad.

        Adhering to the strategic policy of 'quality is life, credit top, sincere cooperation, create brilliance', we will offer the customers at home and abroad the most excellent products and services.

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