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         ◇ Sodium acetate trihydrate
      English name: Sodium acetate trihydrate
      Cas No: 6131-90-4
      Molecular weight: 58~60%
      State: Colorless and transparent...
         ◇ Sodium acetate anhydrous
      English name: Sodium acetate anhydrous
      Cas No: 127-09-3
      Molecular weight: 99%
      State: White powder
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      Sodium acetate anhydrous
      Alias: sodium ethanoate; Acetic acid sodium salt anhydrous; Sodium Acetate, Anhydrous; Anhydrous sodium acetate; Sodium acetate; Acetic acid, sodium salt; Acetic acid sodium salt; acetate sodium anhydrous
      English name: Sodium acetate anhydrous
      Cas No: 127-09-3
      Structural formula: CH3COONa
      Molecular formula: C2H3N2O3
      Molecular weight: 82.03
      Main content: 99%
      State: White powder
      Packing: 40KG/bag, plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag
      Storage: Keep in dry and well-ventilated place, to protect from rain and damp
      Warranty period: 2 years
      Quality standard:
      Index name Standard value
      Content (in CH3COONa) %≥ 99.0
      Water insoluble matter%≤ 0.03
      Free alkali(in NaOH)%≤ 0.03
      Chloride (in Cl)%≤ 0.2
      Iron (Fe)%≤ 0.003
      Potassium permanganate-reducing Qualified
      Moisture%≤ 1.0
      Inspection standard Q/320581CBJ001-2013
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