Cloud native storage day

Seattle, Washington | December 2018 


Join us for a very special Cloud Native Storage Day co-located at KubeCon Seattle 2018!  We have brought together users of cloud native storage technologies as well as experts from the top cloud native storage companies to bring you a fantastic day rich with thought-provoking sessions including technical demos, panel discussions, presentations, and a terrific networking opportunity for you to get to know the experts in Container Storage. Come learn all about the virtues of multi-cloud operations of stateful services with Kubernetes, running stateful applications in containers, cloud native data management, in short, all things cloud native storage. 



Welcome intro, and day's agenda 9:00a-9:20a

Lisa-Marie Namphy, Portworx

Morning "Keynote" ("The State of State") 9:20a-10:10a

Quinton Hoole, Huawei & Storage WG

Intro to Container Storage 10:10a-10:50a

Alex Chircop, StorageOS, & Jared Watts, Upbound

Day 2 - Stateful Containers in Production 10:50a-11:20a

Jared Watts, Upbound (Moderator), Paul Davis, Comcast, Dmitry Mishin, San Diego Supercomputer Center,
& Niraj Tolia, Kasten

Do you need a container storage system? 11:20a-11:50a

Cheryl Hung, CNCF (Moderator), Jeffry Molanus, MayaData CTO,

Gou Rao, Portworx CTO, & Steve Watt, Red Hat

Storage in Public Cloud 12:50p-1:20p

Alex Williams, The New Stack (Moderator), Saad Ali, Google, Dean Paron, Azure, & Sandy Amin, IBM

Best practices for deploying stateful apps 1:20p-1:50p

Joseph Sandoval, Adobe, Mike Tougeron, Adobe, & Vladamir Vivien, VMware

Kubernetes CSI (Container Storage Interface) 1:50p-2:20p

Luis Pabon, Portworx, Saad Ali, Google, Xing Yang, Huawei, Vladimir Vivien, VMware, & Brad Childs, Red Hat

What container Storage means to CI/CD Pipelines 2:30p-3:00p

Umasankar Mukkara, MayaData, & Ryan Luckie, Cisco

So, you have sensitive data?

(Container Storage Security Panel) 3:00p-3:30p

Sean Kerner, eWeek @TechJournalist (Moderator), Rani Osnat, Aqua

Glen Kosaka, NeuVector, & Sonya Koptyev, Twistlock

The Next Big Thing: Running apps on Kubernetes

in a Multi-cloud/Multi-cluster environment 3:30p-4:00p

Erin Boyd, Red Hat, Bassam Tabbara, Upbound, & Chakri Nelluri, Diamanti

8 Lightning talks, 5 minutes each 4:10p-5:00p





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