Cloud native storage day

Seattle, Washington | December 2018 


Join us for a very special Cloud Native Storage Day co-located at KubeCon Seattle 2018!  We have brought together users of cloud native storage technologies as well as experts from the top cloud native storage companies to bring you a fantastic day rich with thought-provoking sessions including technical demos, panel discussions, presentations, and a terrific networking opportunity for you to get to know the experts in Container Storage. Come learn all about the virtues of multi-cloud operations of stateful services with Kubernetes, running stateful applications in containers, cloud native data management, in short, all things cloud native storage. 



Welcome intro, and day's agenda 9:00a-9:20a

Lisa-Marie Namphy, Portworx

Important things to note for the rest of the day

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Morning "Keynote" ("The State of State") 9:20a-10:10a

Quinton Hoole, Huawei & Storage WG

The cloud native storage landscape offers many options suitable for different use cases. Quinton will discuss the different types of storage solutions and their attributes to help developers understand their requirements and map them to different solutions.

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Intro to Container Storage 10:10a-10:50a

Alex Chircop, StorageOS, & Jared Watts, Upbound

Almost every application and workload needs storage to provide useful functionality. As the cloud native paradigm continues to gain more traction, it is important to understand how storage solutions are evolving alongside it to continue to meet the changing demands of these stateful applications. In this talk, we will introduce the key terminology and concepts of storage within the cloud native landscape, providing attendees with the fundamental knowledge to understand the options and trade-offs of persistent storage in Kubernetes from a practical perspective. We will also explore some of the recent advancements by the thriving storage community and ecosystem, further setting the stage for the remaining informative talks later in the day.

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Day 2 - Stateful Containers in Production 10:50a-11:20a

Jared Watts, Upbound (Moderator), Paul Davis, Comcast, Dmitry Mishin, San Diego Supercomputer Center,
& Niraj Tolia, Kasten

A strong focus on automation and user experience has made "Day 1" deployment and configuration of storage solutions relatively easy. But "Day 2" is when the real challenges begin. The ongoing operations and management of stateful applications and their underlying infrastructure is incredibly important as losing data is NEVER an acceptable scenario. In this talk, our guest speakers will introduce vital considerations and strategies for handling "Day 2" operations of stateful applications successfully. They will cover a range of topics including availability, durability, software and hardware upgrades, capacity expansion, chaos testing, and disaster recovery. We will also look at how container native software can help automate and ensure reliability for critical "Day 2" operations.

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Do you need a container storage system? 11:20a-11:50a

Cheryl Hung, CNCF (Moderator), Jeffry Molanus, MayaData CTO,

Gou Rao, Portworx CTO, & Steve Watt, Red Hat

In our CTO panel we will explore the value and need for a container-based storage system, covering such topics as: Is cloud native storage co-equal with container orchestration, or is it a part of the container orchestration system? What is the role of Automation and Governance? What is the difference between using an established storage system vs. a cloud native storage system? How has Kubernetes evolved as a platform for storage? What storage considerations need to be made in multi-zone and multi-cloud environments?

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Storage in Public Cloud 12:50p-1:20p

Alex Williams, The New Stack (Moderator), Saad Ali, Google, Dean Paron, Azure, & Sandy Amin, IBM

Learn how these vendors are making it easy to run containerized apps in a public cloud. Understand from the experts why you need a container storage system in a cloud provider.

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Best practices for deploying stateful apps 1:20p-1:50p

Joseph Sandoval, Adobe, Mike Tougeron, Adobe, & Vladamir Vivien, VMware

Learn about how Kubernetes supports running stateful applications. Starting with the building blocks available to applications for persistence, the talk will then focus on lessons learned from deploying and operating stateful applications (e.g., Elasticsearch) in production on Kubernetes.

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Kubernetes CSI (Container Storage Interface) 1:50p-2:20p

Luis Pabon, Portworx, Saad Ali, Google, Xing Yang, Huawei, Vladimir Vivien, VMware, & Brad Childs, Red Hat

Updates from the Storage SIG on where we are, and where we are going. Here's where committers from the Storage SIG will have the chance to talk about this important project, current status, and future directions.

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What container Storage means to CI/CD Pipelines 2:30p-3:00p

Umasankar Mukkara, MayaData, & Ryan Luckie, Cisco

Learn how with "container integrated," you start all your builds from a known-good snapshot of production data, then roll back to this golden image after each test run. Your test runs will be faster with fewer configuration errors. This is sometimes called copy data management in a container-integrated way.

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So, you have sensitive data?

(Container Storage Security Panel) 3:00p-3:30p

Sean Kerner, eWeek @TechJournalist (Moderator), Rani Osnat, Aqua

Glen Kosaka, NeuVector, & Sonya Koptyev, Twistlock

There are various places where containers may have vulnerabilities, in the image layers, kernel, runtime code, images themselves and more but what about when you connect external storage? Maliscious code could exist in a snapshot, or volume, so how to you protect against these types of access?

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The Next Big Thing: Running apps on Kubernetes

in a Multi-cloud/Multi-cluster environment 3:30p-4:00p

Erin Boyd, Red Hat, Bassam Tabbara, Upbound, & Chakri Nelluri, Diamanti

Managing replication across cloud/on-premises sites for both operational efficiency and DR prep. This isn't just backing for stateful apps but also container images, helm charts, etc.

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8 Lightning talks, 5 minutes each 4:10p-5:00p





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